Injection/Blow Molded and Vacuum Formed Plastics Die Cut Production Parts Cartons & Packaging Custom Chipboard Folding Cartons Brand & Logo Packaging Medical Forms and Envelopes Corrosion Inhibitors Returnables & Dunnage Molded Pulp Foam Poly Bags Poly Sheeting and Liners Poly Tubing ESD Poly Custom Cases and Foam Fabrication Molded Returnables Die Cut Chipboard Collars Spiral Wound Cores and Tubes Custom Retro-Fitting and Fabrication Custom Corrugate

Global Packaging Solutions has over 50 years experience in the custom packaging and printing markets. Focusing on our customer by listening to what they say and want, we create pathways to positive options that solve problems. We offer custom solutions and materials management strategies for all types of industries and companies as well as stock and wholesale packaging materials.

Having customers who range from multi-billion dollar OEM/ODM 5A companies to smaller privately held companies, GPS LLC. has proven and trackable results that give its’ customers the flexibility to operate effectively and alleviate any concerns that cause delays in production or deliveries.

From ideas, to inception and implementation, with a single focus for helping our customers solve any problem they have and providing solutions that save time, energy, and money GPS LLC. delivers on what it promises and ensures total satisfaction in every dealing with us.




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